Did you know that success leaves clues? I didn’t know that until November last year.  I went to a motivational speaking event and the lady on stage mentioned that success leaves clues.  Actually she said it a few times.  This concept had me intrigued. I needed to know more, I needed a clue about success leaving clues.

Google told me that this is actually a phrase coined by Anthony Robbins.  He encourages people to find someone who is doing what you want to do (and doing it well) and learn how they do it.  Find out what they do and don’t do.  Then, reach out to them, rub shoulders with them (if you can) and see if you can’t get some of their glitter to land on your shoulders.  The goal is not to copy someone.  It’s to find out how they do it and then emulate their behaviours to bring forward your very own, unique way of doing what they do.

Before doing anything, I had to get clear on what it was I wanted to do.  My passion is helping mums.  There are many ways I could do that but the one thing I will always do (no matter what), is write.  I write about my experiences and insights as I go along in life. Sharing what I’m going through can help someone else in their struggle, it can help me build a more authentic connection with those who follow me and most importantly, it helps me to process what I’m going through.

I started following Rachel Martin’s Finding Joy blog not long after I became a mum.  Her ‘mom letters’, where she pours her heart out to tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious mums, speak to my soul.  She writes from her experience.  She doesn’t write about what mums should be doing.  She writes with empathy and encouragement to mums who are doubting themselves because she also doubts herself. She uses her writing to talk to both herself and others.  The skill of her writing is reflected in the 140,000 followers she has around the world and viral posts that are shared almost as soon as they hit the net.  Would a woman with so many adoring fans actually read an email or message from a little-known blogger in New Zealand?

This is when the mind comes in with “of course not!” but did you know you don’t actually have to listen to your mind? If you practice, you can actually feel a still, calm, small and sure feeling underneath chaotic thoughts.  When you compare them side by side, I know the one I’d rather take guidance from.  So I decided to do it, after all, what’s the best that could happen?  I sent a probably over the top gushing message to her asking if she mentored others in blogging because I was a big fan and would truly love to learn from her.

To be honest, the best I thought could happen would be a reply, any reply.  Even if it was just a Facebook thumbs up symbol or a smiley face – that would have been a win.  What happened was so much more.  Not only did she reply (which I read with heart thumping) that she did indeed mentor others, she was coming to New Zealand in a few months. It gets better.  She was coming to DUNEDIN. Where I lived. I could barely breathe.  How was this happening?

I spent two days listening to her and her business partner Dan R Morris talk about marketing, social media and blogging. I even had them over to my house for dinner.  It would never have happened if I hadn’t decided to find out if success really does leave clues.  It took a huge amount of courage on my part to put myself out there and make myself vulnerable to rejection.  Can you imagine, if I hadn’t sent that message? Someone I aspire to be would have been in my city without me ever knowing.  This experience has started a trend in me. I now reach out to people. No matter how famous, important or busy I imagine them to be.  If they are saying or doing something that speaks to me, I want to speak to them.  I encourage you to do the same.  Don’t listen to that voice telling you that you will NEVER get a reply.  You might not, but remember – what’s the best that can happen?

With love
Bron (Success Clue Finder)

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