Become a Gold Sharer

It's EASY!

The only thing you need to do to become a Gold Sharer is to come along to one of our free monthly meet-ups.

Why is that so important?

Well, it’s relatively easy to join Facebook group communities but it’s another thing altogether to come along in person and be willing to give and receive from a group. You can also see for yourself how the group works and if it’s for you.

Check out when our next meet-up is on the Share Your Gold Facebook Page

Below is our manifesto that we wrote together to crystallise what our group is all about:


We love supporting and uplifting each other by sharing our knowledge, experience, skills and ideas.

We believe in the power of authentic conversation, vulnerable sharing, heart based giving and the beauty of organic collaborations unfolding.

We are committed to sharing and receiving the best of each other whilst also respecting each other’s time and skills.

We agree to keep safe and confidential whatever our members share with us because we have a collective intention to build trust on a foundation of respect, honesty and integrity.

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